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Why 1%? Because we refuse the culture of standardization, the relentless quest of the #instagrammable, in a digitized and impersonal world. Because we believe that each building, space, and object is unique. Because we value handcraftsmanship and seek to combine expert and artisanal competence, to design buildings, spaces, and objects with a purpose, a soul, and a strong identity. Because we believe this is the way forward to provide solutions for the architecture that will become tomorrow's heritage. Founder: Waldemar A. Faddoul, Architect www.1prcntarchitecture.com Online gallery coming soon. In the meantime, you can consult our complete catalog here: https://issuu.com/1prcnt/docs/catalogue



Thanking you MADly

USD 50

Light it up

USD 300

Step it up [Mondrian Rietveld Signature]

USD 1250

Love your kid

USD 150

Hang On

USD 600


1 Percent Goes to Paris

By waldemar-faddoul

1% is a young brand that designs multipurpose furniture and promotes Lebanese handcraftmanship. Our project is to launch our 2018 collection and to set up our first popup gallery in Paris in 2018.

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