Samah-el hakim

Visual works mixing wit with -mainly- Arabic lettering.

Born in Lebanon, 1984, to Maroun, a sculptor & painter, and Samar, a poet, Samah El Hakim had the chance to grow in an environment filled with light, colors, words, and forms which deeply affected his main character traits and transformed him into what he has become today: an aspiring artist who is pragmatic while being a dreamer, visionary with a sense of nostalgia, loves a good laugh -especially when he's causing it- a believer in the power of Love. He is a graphic designer and visual artist who is also co-founder and managing director of kook creative studio. His visual prose works are guided by three main traits: wit, spontaneity, and simplicity. They often emanate positive messages that reflect his deep belief of living life to the fullest, daily, following one rule: being good.

samah-el hakim


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