Writer at soul, capturer of humanities through a camera.

I was always a fan of art, It started with me imitating my teachers, see, acting was always a big part of my world. Singing came along probably at the same time, I always loved the feeling I had when I was singing on stage: how beautiful it is to make someone smile! And then I started to write, I guess I always did, but it started to reflect the colors I see in the world. Oh and I did some dancing too growing up, I guess I had to try it all! But let's go back to the writing things. While singing on stage in my hometown for small concerts, I started to make people read my texts, and the more I got on writing, the more they were saying "keep on writing: when you write we see.." So I kept on doing just that. Then I needed a change, I finished a singing contract, and I took a flight straight to Montreal. I just had to put an ocean between me and everything that was familiar. I managed to be accepted in a Montreal University and this is why at 23 I flew away alone. There I studied how to write a script and how to shoot a movie. From words to lights, from lenses to sound I saw it all. And I enjoyed every minutes of it! I was able to sing and act again a bit too. Life is cool right? And fortunately for me, I was able to do something that I had been dreaming of doing for years: being a journalist! I was hired by a webzine to write articles about the artistic scene in Montreal, what an awesome journey that was! And I started to think again about artists, and the creativity, what it meant to put words, or movies, or songs out there in the world, where creativity came from. I was always passionate about "the act of artistic creation" but I wanted to write about it. And that's how I asked to the person in charge of the webzine if she would let me meet famous artist in Montreal, and do portraits of them. She said "whatever you want to write, we will publish", I was amazed and decided it was time for research! That is how I got to do my first portraits of artists: interviewing them, and writing what I saw. I loved every minute of that too. And then It was time to go back to Paris, my hometown, and try to focus on my acting road...where was I exactly? Was I a journalist, a singer, or an actress asleep? I was apparently a sleeping actress waiting for an opportunity. Life offered me just that once again. And thanks to that road I started to think of artist at work again. And then I took photos, and then I wrote again...and this is why You are reading this today. I am an actress who write, a singer at soul, a dreamer of a better place where human beings are kinder, and a deep believer in the power of words. Thanks for taking that trip with me, may we meet again...



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