Hassan Ali

Art is the only real universal language

My name is Hassan Ali, Lebanese born Oct 1979, I work as an HR Consultant and at the age of 37 after a sudden seizure I started to sculpt immediately the second day. I love art and music since my childhood and I do play guitar since I was 15 years old. Sculpting becoming a part of my daily oxygen, I sculpt emotions and imaginary figures (yes I am a Mad artist ) I believe that all the faces that I create existed in the past and Still exist in a parallel universe :). I am a self-taught artist, I don't stick to rules , I create my own Sculpting techniques and I love what I do... art can express what words cannot. I don't copy I just create! I have my own style which define my inner soul and maybe a stairway to another universe or dimensions in which I am able to bring those faces to existence.... I see faces in trees, floor,sky, walls and sure CLAY .I sometimes see the face already printed on the clay and I start Sculpting it ...yes I am mad and that's what makes my art unique.

Hassan Ali


Zeus sculpture

USD 200

Greek God Zeus is back and this time in clay form!

By Hassan Ali

Ceasar sculpture

USD 300

The king of all Ceasars, the one and only ruler of Rome in ancient time , the powerful and the undef ...

By Hassan Ali

Roman figure sculpture / aging technique used

USD 500

Roman clay sculpture, I used the aging technique so that this unique sculpture will look very ancien ...

By Hassan Ali

The lost ceazar

USD 150

There many unknown ceazar and this once used to be a hypocrite and ruled a short period before a wit ...

By Hassan Ali

David sculpture

USD 150

David the Roman figure that ancient time will never forget

By Hassan Ali

Ancient Roman sculpture

USD 150

Ancient Roman queen

By Hassan Ali

Viking sculpture

USD 200

The warrior who used to fight brutally with no fear,! The Era of conquer is brought to life and scul ...

By Hassan Ali

Pharaoh sculpture

USD 200

A set of 3 pieces, the king pharaoh and his lover as well as a stone script that tells their love st ...

By Hassan Ali


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