It ain't funny until the protagonist dies.

Beirut based illustrator, writer and musician meddling with surrealism and dark humor. Born in 1988, Boo graduated with a technical baccalaureate in Graphic Design and later earned a Master's degree in Advertising. He began an early career in the advertising sector as an art director at Impact BBDO, then moved to Leo Burnett. Summing up the courage to pursue his artistic passions, Boo put the Advertising world on the backdrop but not entirely, as it inspired his first exhibition 'Undressed - Society's reflection in its brands', a successful collaboration between different artists that got him one step closer to founding Wormhole Collective, towards the end of 2015. He is currently working on his first book of illustrated short stories, with its original soundtrack. His next project is a short animation film that depicts the life of the unluckiest man on earth


Thanks, I loathe you!

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By boo


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