Lama El Khayat / OFFGRID

Interior and Product Designer

I started as an interior designer with an eccentric signature in reshaping and tailoring spaces to integrate creative dimensions. My journey then took a different course when I discovered that our experience isn’t complete until we create a feature, a detail, a something of our own. I founded OFFGRID in 2018, a design studio based in Beirut. Launching my furniture collections, paintings and recently my product designs. As an artist and a product designer, I have been through a journey of conceptual art where motivation, exploration and practice are the keywords. As for exposure, I attended artistic panels such as Paris and Milan Design Week, I took part at Beirut Design Week and displayed my designs at Beirut Design Fair. In 2020, my cloth valet design ‘To And Fro’ won the furniture category at DNA Paris Design Awards 2020. The next move was creating Ontha and Thakar, two human sized metal sculptures tamed perfectly to highlight the power of posture and body language in revealing the identity, attitude and gender of a human being. Ontha and Thakar were showcased in London and Venice. Recently I created a complete home accessories collection made from marble and brass entitled Marmo' 21 featured in Downtown Dubai, Dubai Design week 2021 .. Each collection item honors different types of marbles and renders an attitude, an aspect or a posture. The brass, whether engraved, fitted, clutched or propped, escorts the marble and becomes a mantra of this collection that culminates a conceptual vision and an avant-garde design.

Lama El Khayat / OFFGRID


Coryphee // marble candleholder

USD 275

Coryphee // A unique marble and brass candleholder. The exquisite various types of marbles are ador ...

By Lama El Khayat / OFFGRID

Thakar //

USD 6500

Thakar // A conceptual human-sized male sculpture featuring a rose gold finish and seated on a bare ...

By Lama El Khayat / OFFGRID

Corvette Vase

USD 300

Corvette // An exquisite marble vase that introduces an Avant-garde concept in vases design.

By Lama El Khayat / OFFGRID

Ontha //

USD 6500

Ontha // A conceptual human-sized sculpture features a rose gold finish female seated on a bare bl ...

By Lama El Khayat / OFFGRID


USD 775

Lebnene is a conceptual and symbolic sculpture and/ or book holder.

By Lama El Khayat / OFFGRID


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