Touched by Madness

Madly passionate about art in its different forms.

My journey and love for the arts began at a very young age, which is why I chose a career that would let me unleash my creativity and will not restrict how far my mind could wander. I pursued studies in Graphic design and minored in Photography. Meanwhile, I also developed my own animation skills with the hope that one day I would grow and flourish in that field. My love for the creative world did not stop there with visual artistic mediums alone. My love for music kept on growing and I started recording vocals along with my piano playing.

Touched by Madness


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Architectural Photography

By Touched by Madness

These images were taken to show different aspects and the beauty of the architectural building found in Lebanon. As you can tell by the angles in which the photographs were taken, I was trying to show the sharp edges of these buildings and highlight this aspect. And then there's that one image with no sharp edges but has a mesmerizing pattern.

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Forsa Tenye

Emperor’s New Clothes

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