The Cocoon Woman

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The Cocoon Woman is composed of a central feminine figure that classifies her into two different parts. One half of the woman is metamorphosed into a butterfly, whereas the other roots in her past. The painting also holds symbolic meaning represented by the bird, drawers, trunk, road, arrows, and the web. The medium the artist used is acrylic on canvas of size 120 x 135 cm. This is an original artwork with a limited edition.

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The Cocoon woman is a narrative surrealist painting inspired by the artist’s painful experience. The death of her father causes her a sudden transformation and forces her to turn inward. She discovers her purpose in life and reborn again as an artist. She began her journey as an artist because of her need for self-expression. After the artist’s traumatic death of her father, her entire life changes. She had to return to her inner self and change her career and lifestyle. She began painting as a need for self-expression to expand later into the outer world. The painting resembles her past of pain, heartbreak, secrets, and betrayal to surpass herself to reach enlightenment. The web also represents her stillness and long years of self-healing and resting inside of her cocoon. After surpassing her cocoon timing, she discovers that she’s not the only one and it turned out that other women have passed through a similar transformation. The artist used gray, green, orange, and yellow colors to express several states like gray represents neutral and stillness, and yellow for enlightenment. She mixed two styles of surrealism and cubism movements to create her unique artistic language.


acrylic painting stretched on a wooden frame


Length: 120 cm - Width: 135 cm - Height: 4 cm


3.8 kg



To be a real artist is to be madly devoted

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