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The seater adorns a medieval headdress with several species of poisonous flowers. it is accompanied by Japanese geisha's accessories and Chinese tassels. The Chinese Kimono is taken from an original one that dates back to the 18th century China. Face accessories are 19th century Egyptian.

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This specific portraiture is a combination of photography, digital manipulation, digital painting and acrylic and oil paintings on the uv print.
The Persona in this series of portraits entitled Transhumans, transcends cultures and ethnic attributions. These are contemporary portraits that embody unique identities regardless of origins.
Persona transcending cultures and ethnic attributions, contemporary portrait that embodies a unique identity regardless of origins.
Thus symbolising unity beyond mere visual , social and cultural appearances. This portraiture is a collective consciousness of memories and idyllic past existing or fantasized cultures and people from all around the world. It ends up transcending times, eras and space combining heteroclites elements in a paradoxical unity.


Ultra violet Print on Paper
Acrylic and oil details
Mixed Media


Width: 50 cm - Height: 70 cm


1 kg


Bassam A

Painter and Digital Artist

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