Art and fashion hand in hand

Fashion is my passion, but art is my dream. Combining the two has given a new meaning to my life. Customizing clothing and accessories through art to make my clients happy is an endless source of joy and pride. The tragic port explosion and heartbreaking pain endured by our capital pushed my art to new heights, as I try to vent my anger and anxiety into new art creations and as my clients demand more and more unique and bespoke items to defy fear. Today, I see art as a therapy as much as a hobby and business, a healing process that gives me countless hours of joy and inner peace.



Leather belt bags

USD 110

Hat_to_toes signature!!! Our Real Leather belt bags or waist bag completely handmade by hat_to_toes ...

By Hat_to_toes

Golden Horse handpainted on a wool felt black winter hat

USD 99

Hat to toes best seller: A Golden horse Hand-painted on a Wool felt floppy black hat handcrafted wi ...

By Hat_to_toes

Strass wool felt black winter hat

USD 120

Our chic and elegant strass hat is A wool felt black winter hat, decorated with 12 layers of shiny b ...

By Hat_to_toes

Edgy painted wool felt flat hat

USD 99

Check out this edgy hand painted hat garnished with silver chains a piece of Art by our talented art ...

By Hat_to_toes

Sea world rafia camel hat

USD 110

A summer Handpainted and handcrafted rafia hat inspired by the sea

By Hat_to_toes

Red poppy hat

USD 44

Red Poppy hand-painted on a straw hat. Funky and classy summer hat

By Hat_to_toes

Toucan bird handpainted on a Rafia camel fedora hat

USD 90

High quality rafia camel summer fedora hat garnished with a beautiful hand painted toucan and tropic ...

By Hat_to_toes

Watermelon rafia white summer hat

USD 80

Watermelon stylishly handpainted on a white rafia hat. Most ordered and most loved hat to toes hat c ...

By Hat_to_toes


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