06. Opale série “Regards d’Emoi”

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In 1992, I discovered photography and my passion was revealed. Self-taught, the opportunity of the Rencontres d'Arles allows me to enrich my experience and train myself with renowned photographers. To go even further, in 2002 I decided to make it my job.

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I am also passionate about painting, as a source of borh inspiration and imagination, I create portfolios for painters and in particular one for a friend, who offered me to oppose two art genres : photography and painting.
So I practice digital fusion, a challenge, a perspective from reality to fiction. I project my ideas and I model them with dancers, cars, shoes … I experiment realism to make it immaterial. In search of new and more intense dynamic shapes, I adopt the figurative and in particularly work on the looks, to create a conversation with the viewer, a mirror effect.
These faces (or parts of the face) are no longer those of a particular person. They are furrowed with signs and stigmas and they attract the looks as a focal point. I wanted these eyes, as a kind of absolute portrait. I shaped them with patterns like to those of the faces, to get a depth comparable to an icon or an idol.
Fascinated by spiritual energy, my goal is to move closer to the soul, to discern it in a universe mixed with graphics abstractions and realism, to give life to vibrations and to convey pure expression with one eye.
The eyes are the window of our emotions, they are vibrants, free, and always in movement. They are the living border between the inner world and the outer world. That is why this work inspires me because it evokes something moving.
Create a new inner world so that it springs up outside, pass on this deep feeling that inhabits us, here is my exploration.


Photographie Tirage argentique Kodak Endura brillant - Encadrement caisse us bois noir.


Length: 95 cm - Width: 65 cm - Height: 5 cm


2 kg



Photographe Plasticienne

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SERIE “Regards d’Emoi” – 24.TOUAREG

USD 542

I am a selftaught artist/ fine art-photographer born in PARIS and live in the Var in Provence.

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