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Ghada El Koury’s Art World and initiative SOUL

31 Jan 2022

Artist Peintre

As one of the multi-talented artists of our acceleration initiative #HowMADisBeirut, we had a chat with Ghada El Khoury on her artist journey and her very own initiative SOUL.

How did it all start ?

After seven years as a housewife, I found my passion, and that is Art. 

Pushing myself hard, I taught myself everything, step by step, from how to hold a painting brush to how to sign a painting. My recurring theme of art is beauty, bravery, and pride, and I express those through paintings of Women and horses. My art is not based on one type of style, I try not to limit myself to one form of technique. 

I create visions and transform them to reality. My art includes painting on canvas, wood, glass, and fabric. In addition to working with handcrafts, ceramic, accessories, and pottery. 

Can you tell us more about your initiative SOUL ?

In September 2020, I brought a group of women together, and gave them free painting and working sessions, because I believe that all women and housewives should have the opportunity to express themselves, especially in art. After that, we started selling our handmade products. 

This made us want to achieve more, like having our own line, SOUL (strength of united ladies) . I plan to let my art reach higher places, in addition to my name being known for my work.

UNDP Lebanon also covered her wonderful initiative SOUL, empowering women through creativity.

How do you feel about the initiative #HowMADisBeirut so far ?

#howMADisBeirut is a very important initiative for artists in Lebanon, especially through these bad times. Collaborating with other MAD artists is an honor. I believe that teamwork results in wonders, as long as there is trust and loyalty to the team and the work. In short, it would be an honor to work with MAD, and to have a chance to collaborate. 

Discover her creations Powerful Black & White horses and Blue horse paintings on MAD.




blue horse original painting.

USD 1400

original abstract acrylic painting of a beautiful blue horse.

By Ghada El Koury’s Art World and initiative SOUL

POWERFUL Black and White Horses Original Painting

USD 1900

A Group of Black and White Horses Getting out of Darkness into the Light with Full Power (160x160)

By Ghada Art World

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