Discover the 200 Lebanese creatives beneficiaries of our initiative #HowMADisBeirut

We’re pleased to reveal the 200 Lebanese designers & artists who will benefit from our initiative #HowMADisBeirut, with the support of  USAID’S Trade and Investment Facilitation Project (TIF). They are creatives in music, arts and design from all over Lebanon, from emerging talents to established artists looking to reach new heights.

How MAD Are You About Graphic Design?

Diving into Graphic Design Whether you’re working for a multinational agency, an NGO or your own start-up, there’s one thing you’re well aware of: the importance of your brand identity; not only in what you write in a post online or what kind of campaign you create offline, but also in the type of media […]

Get To Know The MAD Gang: Lalik

Someone who enjoys the little things in life like watching the sunset or collecting notebooks with lovely design covers. Lalik has a little thing for flowers, pottery and food. If I were a song, I would be: Couleur Menthe à l’eau – Isaac Delusion If I were an artist, I would be: Egon Schiele If I were […]

In a MAD mood for The Beirut Design Week

Beirut, the design capital of the Middle East welcomes for the seventh consecutive edition the Beirut Design Week. Initiated in 2012, it’s the largest and most influential design festival of the Middle East and North Africa. Taking place in various parts of the capital, it attracts over 25 000 visitors each year and make Beirut […]

Meet Charafa, our Community Management Intern!

Today, it’s time for you MADers to meet a new MAD Gang member, Charafa, our Community Management Intern and person behind our MAD News content! Born and raised in North of Morocco, Charafa – or Fafa as her family and friends like to call her – is a fresh graduate of Sorbonne University Paris, and […]

Meet our latino boy!

The MAD Gang is growing! Meet Emiliano, our first MAD Intern and the one behind our video content. Born and raised in Argentina, Emiliano has developed an attraction to art since his young age. Every Saturday, he used to dance with his cousins and friends on aboriginal and traditional folkloric music. At the age of […]

MAD Session Paris 17 janvier 2017 en images!!

Notre lancement à Paris a eu lieu le 17 Janvier 2017 à Paris Pionnières. Cette MAD session spéciale a permis de présenter nos 4 talents parisiens MAD : Moulla, MPSA, Manuela Morgaine et Antonio Manzone. Ils ont dévoilé en avant-première leurs créations et projets et ont l’opportunité de rencontrer notre écosystème de partenaires, medias et […]

Our amazing CPO, Pascale Monsef !

Today we’re putting the spotlight on Pascale! She’s our amazing CPO, and the one behind all the cool designs of MAD! Pascale also worked a lot in the humanitarian field. Thanks to her background in arts and her specialization in Communication and Branding, she bridges the gap between art and managerial departments, just like MAD […]

Tune up and gear up with Roadie Tuner!

With Roadie Tuner you can fine tune your guitar and other string instruments equipped with guitar machine heads (Electric, acoustic, classical, ukulele, banjo, steel guitar, 7 & 12-string guitars). It is both quick and easy to use, and three times more accurate than the human ear. Simply connect Roadie to the tuning peg, strum the […]

Totally out of this world MAD Art with Boo!

Boo. is a Beirut based illustrator, writer and musician meddling with surrealism and dark humor. He began an early career in the advertising industry as an art director at Impact BBDO, then moved to Leo Burnett. Summing up the courage to pursue his artistic passions, Boo put the advertising world on the backdrop but not […]