Meet Charafa, our Community Management Intern!

03 Aug 2017

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Today, it’s time for you MADers to meet a new MAD Gang member, Charafa, our Community Management Intern and person behind our MAD News content!

Born and raised in North of Morocco, Charafa – or Fafa as her family and friends like to call her – is a fresh graduate of Sorbonne University Paris, and is the youngest MAD Gang member!
When she’s not working, she’s always looking for the next milestone and humanitarian opportunity, as she is a strong believer of enjoying life as much as you can while doing something productive, useful and life changing.
She’s a music lover and her playlist is so diverse that she is sometimes embarrassed to share it! What’s on there? African Music, Gnaoua, Arabo Andalouse Music, Latino, Jazz, Blues, Classic, Soul, Gospel, Hip Hop or even Issawa – you name it! She did admit having a preference for Buena Vista Social Club, Oum, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Louis Prima, Sam Cooke, Etta James, James Brown, Faia Younan, Charles Aznavour … (we had to stop her – Fafa doesn’t know the meaning of Top 3!).
With no surprise, and like many MAD Gang members, the question of the day is: what am I gonna get for lunch? While she tried all the snacks around the office, we wonder how many others she tried in the city!
But food isn’t her only passion, she loves to travel, get out of her comfort zone, discover new cultures and meet new people along the way. She has her little bucket list of places to go to and well she just scratched Beirut of that list!
What else? Her book of the moment is “La bâtarde d’Istanbul” of Elif Shafak which made her realize that she would have loved to speak Turkish, she takes naps as much as a panda does (“It’s in the genes!” she says), and her laugh is usually funnier than the joke 🙂 To buy Kamagra on this site https://www.wildstrawberrylodge.com/three-days-left/.

Her biggest inspiration is Olivia Pope, so if you ask her how she can define herself, she will tell you “I’m a Gladiator in a suit!”

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