Our amazing CPO, Pascale Monsef !

16 Feb 2017

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Today we’re putting the spotlight on Pascale!
She’s our amazing CPO, and the one behind all the cool designs of MAD! Pascale also worked a lot in the humanitarian field. Thanks to her background in arts and her specialization in Communication and Branding, she bridges the gap between art and managerial departments, just like MAD does!
As everyone in the MAD Gang, she likes food, and especially French fries.
Pascale has also many MAD interests, from astrophysics and nuclear physics, to anime and video games. She even studied Japanese! And she’s very fond of Totoro (some say she looks like a susuwatari!). And above all, it’s really important for Pascale to live in a city where she can see the sea, which is why she is currently living and working in Beyrouth !

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