Meet our latino boy!

06 Jul 2017

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The MAD Gang is growing!

Meet Emiliano, our first MAD Intern and the one behind our video content.

Born and raised in Argentina, Emiliano has developed an attraction to art since his young age. Every Saturday, he used to dance with his cousins and friends on aboriginal and traditional folkloric music. At the age of 15, Emiliano joined a dance company with whom he toured around Buenos Aires and the south of Argentina. A few years later, he started studying Music and Audiovisual Production. That’s how he forged his professional identity and turned to the production of artists, mixing and mastering.

Emiliano is an adventurer. One of his best memories was a road trip with a group of friends to the North of Argentina and Bolivia. With only 50$ in their pocket and no Bus Ticket, they traveled for 2 months. He’s also a person who loves challenges and exploring new horizons. His biggest challenge was to settle in Paris and to start applying for Masters in Cinema without knowing much of French. Emiliano told us that “It was a huge challenge but a nice experience to overcome”.

Passionate about his job, he doesn’t like the idea of Time In and Time Off. For him, work is a pleasure above all. However, he still has some activities that he loves apart from his job such as Football, surf and guess what? Cooking. We’re still waiting to see his culinary talents to tell you if he is a good cook. Stay Tuned!


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