Want to know more about our MAD gang? Today we focus on Rima Yacoub , our MAD COO !

02 Feb 2017

Digital Entrepreneur Guitar Innovation Lifestyle Mood of the day
Rima is a bubbly person who brings her positivity everywhere she goes, along with little snacks she happily shares with others.
She was born and raised in a family of entrepreneurs, and was part of the Createmotions adventure with Lise where she brought her talents in Business & Marketing Strategy, CRM, People Management & Project Management.
Apart from her work here on howmadareyou.com, Rima has a fascination for music and wishes she had more time to play different instruments, but she does find time to play the guitar and composes her own music. She also likes to relax by doing some yoga or going outdoors, whether it be at the beach or on the mountains. As a gaming addict, she also keeps up with all the tech innovations.
Rima believes that: «If you don’t build your dreams, someone else will hire you to build theirs»


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