How MAD are As Per Casper!?

She has always had a passion for music and singing. Despite having a successful career in finance in a multinational company, Carla Saad was adamant on pursuing her passion, music, which is why she left her job in 2014 to dedicate her full focus on As Per Casper. Read on to find out WHY, HOW […]

Are You Up-To-Date With Lebanon’s MAD Underground Band Scene?

Are You As MAD As I Am? Do you turn on the radio in the morning on your way to work or class and after some time, find yourself turning it off? Better yet, do you sometimes automatically look for your AUX cord to save yourself (and your ears) from listening to repetitive music? I […]

How MAD is Minimalist?

During Beirut Design Week, Roula will launch her new brand Minimalist with a new collection called “Soar” at Oddish Concept Store: Beirut Port District on Friday 29th. Who is Minimalist? “Minimalist brings in an innovative jewelry designer brand that combines rough architectural contemporary flair with sensibility inspired from both nature and colorful cultures; it has […]

How MAD is 1% Architecture?

“1% is an architecture firm, named 1% as a glance to a culture of anti-conformism. The workshop aims to be different and off the mark from the remaining 99%.” Why 1% Architecture? “Why 1%? Because we refuse the culture of standardization, the relentless quest of the #instagrammable, in a digitized and impersonal world. Because we […]

How MAD was Absolut Invite Lebanon?

#HowMADisAbsolut Is the best bartender team in the world from Lebanon? That’s exactly what Absolut Invite Lebanon bartending competition was all about. Because bartending in a popular bar is not just about mixing fantastic cocktails, Absolut teamed up with MAD to hold this competition for the first time in Lebanon, earlier this month. #ArtMusicCocktails Absolut […]

Ash Orphan : A Man who fell from the Moon

Can you tell us how it all started and how you started your solo project? Well I guess everything really started when I picked up the guitar, 15 years ago. Far away from how and what I’m playing now, but I’ve learned the basics (how to do chords, how to strum, standart tuning of course […]

Meet our latino boy!

The MAD Gang is growing! Meet Emiliano, our first MAD Intern and the one behind our video content. Born and raised in Argentina, Emiliano has developed an attraction to art since his young age. Every Saturday, he used to dance with his cousins and friends on aboriginal and traditional folkloric music. At the age of […]

Jade B vous embarque dans son univers musical à la MAD Session!

Etudiante à ESMOD Paris et passionnée par la musique depuis sa tendre enfance, Jade B s’est lancée, il y a 4 ans de cela, dans des reprises musicales publiées sur sa chaine youtube. Avec une voix puissante et douce à la fois, Jade B explore différents univers musicaux allant des classiques français comme avec sa […]

Trouble Sleeping? Get Ready !

MADers, you better get ready because our MAD artist Boo. has something big coming… If you have trouble finding sleep then you might want to watch out for our next collaboration with Boo! #InTheDeadOfNight

Tune up and gear up with Roadie Tuner!

With Roadie Tuner you can fine tune your guitar and other string instruments equipped with guitar machine heads (Electric, acoustic, classical, ukulele, banjo, steel guitar, 7 & 12-string guitars). It is both quick and easy to use, and three times more accurate than the human ear. Simply connect Roadie to the tuning peg, strum the […]