Céline Bou Khalil’s abstract surrealism

Celine Bou Khalil MAD Cover

Celine Bou Khalil is a painter & graphic designer part of #HowMADisBeirut initiative. She loves contrasting colors, conceptual illustrations, digital art and abstract surrealism.

Discover the 200 Lebanese creatives beneficiaries of our initiative #HowMADisBeirut

We’re pleased to reveal the 200 Lebanese designers & artists who will benefit from our initiative #HowMADisBeirut, with the support of  USAID’S Trade and Investment Facilitation Project (TIF). They are creatives in music, arts and design from all over Lebanon, from emerging talents to established artists looking to reach new heights.

MAD supports 200 Lebanese designers, artists and creative brands in boosting exports to France through #howmadisBeirut initiative and USAID’s Trade and Investment Facilitation (TIF) project assistance

We’re extremely happy to announce another milestone of our #howmadisBeirut initiative, aiming to assist and promote the struggling Lebanese creative community. If you’re a Lebanese creative, artist, designer or company looking to expand in France, submit your application on MAD starting today to be part of the 200 beneficiaries of #HowMADisBeirut here 

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