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Céline Bou Khalil’s abstract surrealism

06 Jan 2022

Artist Collaboration Focus Project

Celine Bou Khalil is an experienced Graphic Designer who started painting and ink sketching at age 16. She loves contrasting colors, conceptual illustrations, digital art and abstract surrealism.

Abstract Surrealism Céline describes her style as abstract surrealism. In most of her paintings, she likes to illustrate the human form in different activities, like dancing, reading, meditating, adding a touch of nature and some discrete shapes that make you stare to see them. 

Upcoming project As part of the #HowMADisBeirut initiative, Céline Bou Khalil is currently working on a multi-use storage box that can be hung on the wall in the form of a painting. “It is useful art! I designed the first sample and executed it, but it is quite expensive to be sold. So, I am redesigning it in a way to reduce the cost. It is still in process.” says Céline.

MAD brings back hope & passion #HowMADisBeirut initiative is being very supportive and professional so far. It gave me back some hope and revived my passion in my art! MAD popped up into my world and made it easier for me and pushed me to start marketing myself and believe that yes, I can sell my art and maybe live from doing what I love!

I have already collaborated with CLux by Carole Abdelnour, part of #HowMADisBeirut, and she executed my first product sample.

Céline Bou Khalil’s artworks on MAD In addition to her upcoming project, one of her own personal favorite paintings is Liberator of Minds : “It’s a painting about reading in nature. I think that reading is a Liberator of Minds, especially when we are in nature. It helps us travel through the book, forget about all the chaos around and acquire some peace of mind. If you look deeply into the painting, how many human figures can you spot?”

Our own personal favorite is Transparent Human, what’s yours ?

Discover Liberator of Minds & Transparent Human on our store.



Liberator of Minds – Abstract Painting

USD 900

Abstract expressionism mixed media painting on canvas 80x80cm N.B.: You can order a smaller size ...

By Celine Bou Khalil


Céline Bou Khalil’s abstract surrealism


For more than a year now, Lebanon has been going through several unique economic and financial crises in its history. How MAD is Beirut fundraising campaign’s objective is to support art and culture in Lebanon by helping artists and creatives generate income through the sales of their art, designs and craft online.

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