Journey of adventure and photography: Fourscape!

30 Jul 2019

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Fourscape, a collective of adventure seekers with a multidisciplinary background in photography and sound, will be with us during our MAD Sessions. If you want to know more about who they are, read on.
First of all, how did you come up and choose the name Fourscape?
Fourscape is a team of four people who escaped the city searching for a new photographic experience; it didn’t stop there, it became a quest for adventure. Hence, the name Fourscape comes from our own experience that started collectively years ago whilst the team grew.
Tell us more about yourselves
We’re each talented in different domains. What brings us together is our passion for photography and adventure.
Salim has a background in environmental engineering and research but is mad about photography and art.
Walid is a freelance photographer with a background in research and urban issues.
Elie is a photographer , DJ and a Bartender with a background in business and marketing
Mahdi is a designer as well as a professional bartender and musician.
You’re adventure seekers, where is your favorite spot in Lebanon to go wild?
Wherever we can escape the pollution and find beautiful skies and landscapes, we will be there!
How can you describe the journey of stargazing and night-sky photography?
It’s a mesmerizing and fulfilling experience.
We never get enough of it!
You’re soon launching a MAD Experience, give us a preview on what to expect.
As a team, we have already developed and prepared our collective skills to introduce amateur and professional photographers to the world of night photography, more specifically in relation to star-gazing and astro-landscape imaging. Along with MAD, we’re looking forward to introduce an unforgettable teaching experience. People who join this one night session will have the opportunity to learn basic astro photographic skills, sleep in a breathtaking location (to be confirmed accordingly), and have some yummy food!
Now on a less formal note, do you guys get along or do you have your clashes?
We definitely have our clashes about making the best of the Fourscape team
If you could be one food, what would it be?

Elie: Olive

Mahdi: Fatte b Laban

Salim: Mjaddara

Walid: Bourghol
How MAD are you?
Just wait for it and you’ll see!

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