MAD Session Beirut on December 8, 2016

19 Dec 2016

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Our first MAD Session happened last December 8 in the heart of Beirut. It was such an amazing gathering full of discussions and discovery! MADs and MADers got to meet, exciting projects were revealed and potential collaborations are starting to emerge!

This event featured 4 of our distinctive MADs:

– Matteo, one of the 63 countertenors in the world and the only one in the Middle East

-Boshies, Lebanese headwear and clothing brand, promoting a neo-oriental lifestyle

-Boo, illustrator, writer and musician meddling with surrealism and dark humour

-Band Industries, the next generation of musicians’ toolkit with Roadie Tuner

They presented their projects in collaboration with the MAD team, in the presence of our network of partners, media representatives and influencers.

Check out the images from this session here and stay tuned as we start telling you more about these artists and revealing how MAD they truly are!

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