Céline Bou Khalil’s abstract surrealism

Celine Bou Khalil MAD Cover

Celine Bou Khalil is a painter & graphic designer part of #HowMADisBeirut initiative. She loves contrasting colors, conceptual illustrations, digital art and abstract surrealism.

Get To Know The MAD Gang: Nermine

Someone who gives deep appreciation to little things and loves to be herself rather than being someone else as she considers anyone else is already taken. She’s a fire sign and loves everything to be on fire. If I were a song, I would be: Je Veux by Zaz If I were an artist, I […]

How MAD Are You About Graphic Design?

Diving into Graphic Design Whether you’re working for a multinational agency, an NGO or your own start-up, there’s one thing you’re well aware of: the importance of your brand identity; not only in what you write in a post online or what kind of campaign you create offline, but also in the type of media […]

Get To Know The MAD Gang: Karim

Full time joke-maker. Sometimes, you can say I’m a DJ. If I were a song, I would be : Quand tu allais on revenait – IAM If I were an artist, I would be : Georges Moustaki If I were a book, I would be : L’etranger  – Albert Camus If I were a dish, I would be […]

Get To Know The MAD Gang: Tarek

Tarek Sina Rahme, I am a hard working, fun, humble, smart , outgoing, gamer legend. Tarek likes to drink a Nespresso, because its more manly 🙂 If I were a song, I would be:  Fear of the dark – Iron Maiden If I were an artist, I would be: Lemmy If I were a book, I […]

Halloween en France : Pourquoi les français sont-ils fâchés avec la fête ?

This is Halloween, This is Halloween. Pumpkins scream in the dead of night…  Cette année halloween sera cauchemardesque ou ne sera pas ! Quelles sont les origines de cette fête et pourquoi la France y résiste-t elle encore? Les origines Parlons d’abord de la fête d’Halloween en elle-même. Vous êtes beaucoup à penser qu’elle est […]

How MAD was Absolut Invite Lebanon?

#HowMADisAbsolut Is the best bartender team in the world from Lebanon? That’s exactly what Absolut Invite Lebanon bartending competition was all about. Because bartending in a popular bar is not just about mixing fantastic cocktails, Absolut teamed up with MAD to hold this competition for the first time in Lebanon, earlier this month. #ArtMusicCocktails Absolut […]

Trouble Sleeping? Get Ready !

MADers, you better get ready because our MAD artist Boo. has something big coming… If you have trouble finding sleep then you might want to watch out for our next collaboration with Boo! #InTheDeadOfNight

Pitch ci Pitch ça : MAD et PitchmonProjet chez Le Cargo Paris

Mardi, MAD était invité à la première session de PitchMonProjet du fameux Cargo. Dans une ambiance conviviale, 4 entrepreneurs ont pitché leur startup à des membres de l’incubateur et de Paris & Co. Qui a dit qu’on avait besoin d’un enjeu spécifique pour pitcher ? Ici, l’objectif est clairement collaboratif : partager son projet créatif et culturel […]

Save the date ! MAD Talent Hunt

Because we love you, our MADers, so much, we’ve designed MAD Talent Hunt, a competition tailored for you, emerging talents. Whether you’re an artist or an underground diamond in the rough, it’s MADly simple, all you have to do is get ready to apply starting February 28th! So Save the Date ! 🙂 Yours MADly, […]