Discover the 200 Lebanese creatives beneficiaries of our initiative #HowMADisBeirut

We’re pleased to reveal the 200 Lebanese designers & artists who will benefit from our initiative #HowMADisBeirut, with the support of  USAID’S Trade and Investment Facilitation Project (TIF). They are creatives in music, arts and design from all over Lebanon, from emerging talents to established artists looking to reach new heights.

Soirée MADly pink sous le signe de l’inclusion a découvrir en images!

Rose Competition

Retour sur la notre soirée MADly Pink sous le signe de l’inclusion, mêlant expo et performances scéniques, en clôture d’Octobre Rose. 
La première édition de Nuit Rose a été l’occasion de découvrir les performances et créations de 15 artistes au Seguin Sound à la Seine Musicale, avec un jury d’artistes composé de Laura Calu et Rens Lipsius.

Découvrez La Soiree MADly Blue Du 5 Octobre En Images !

Blue Competition

Expo photo, peinture, sculpture, design et installations artistiques, la seconde édition de Nuit Bleue a été l’occasion de découvrir les créations de 14 artistes dans un lieu inédit en plein coeur de Paris, en présence de plus de 700 invités et d’un jury d’artistes composé de Romain Costa, Théo Gosselin et Louis Dazy. (re)Vivez cette soiree MADly Blue […]

Laura Calu, l’initiatrice du #BikiniFermeTaGueule te parle d’inclusion


Pourriez-vous vous présenter brièvement ? Je suis Laura Calu, humoriste et comédienne, je me suis faite connaître grâce à mes vidéos sur Facebook il y a 6 ans environ et depuis un an je joue mon spectacle sur scène. Qu’est-ce qui vous a motivé pour être membre du Jury Nuit Rose? On me l’a gentiment […]

MAD Suggests: Songs to listen to on your next roadtrip!


While we have gotten comfortable and cozy in our city-life routine, it’s always nice to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and go somewhere for some peace and quiet. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway in the suburbs or you’re just driving around after midnight to clear your mind, we’ve compiled the ultimate […]

MAD Suggests: What to do in Lebanon this summer?

What time is it? Summertime! It’s everyone’s favorite time in Lebanon, a season filled with beach parties, concerts and live performances, hiking trips and camping but most importantly, carefree fun. Check out our MAD suggestions for some cool things you can do in Lebanon this summer. Dive in Head south to the beautiful area of […]

A MADly ACC Event : Congrats to Sarah Saroufim

With spring season finally here, creative talents have blossomed in Beirut ! In a race to find the next creative voice, Absolut in Lebanon has chosen its winning artist to enter the next stage of the Absolut Creative Competition. Sarah Saroufim has been revealed with her artwork “Don’t keep things bottled up” at the Absolut […]

Get MAD with day none!

Working in his domain as an engineer, Sam Ghobril combines his passion for what he does with his passion to produce music to become day none. If you’re a believer in the Lebanese music scene and a music lover, you will want to read on and get to know more about our latest MAD talent […]

How MAD Are You About Customizing Your Belongings?

“Every painting I make teaches me something. Every face I paint proves to me how unique each one of us is. I have adapted techniques all by myself, and I still am.” Samir Mitri, an aspiring doctor and current painter, tells us more about himself in the below one-on-one we had with him. If you’re […]