A MADly ACC Event : Congrats to Sarah Saroufim

14 May 2019

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With spring season finally here, creative talents have blossomed in Beirut !

In a race to find the next creative voice, Absolut in Lebanon has chosen its winning artist to enter the next stage of the Absolut Creative Competition. Sarah Saroufim has been revealed with her artwork “Don’t keep things bottled up” at the Absolut Creative Event, powered by MAD.

During the Absolut Creative Event held at Union Marks on April 29th, powered by MAD, artworks of the 6 finalists Sarah Saroufim, Lara Abi Saber, Jad Chidiac, Danielle El Hayek, Maher Mhanna and Tala Kawaa, were showcased, along with live performances from MAD artist Loopstache, DJ Yves El Khouri and calligrapher Ghaleb Hawila. Beirut creative visual artists, actors and fashion designers, attended the event.

Sarah Saroufim has been selected from over 200 artistic entries submitted in Lebanon and is now in with a chance to be selected as the global winner of the competition. The global winner will join the list of bold and iconic artists that the brand has previously collaborated with, such as Keith Haring, Romero Britto, Arman Armand and Maurizio Cattelan.

I created this artwork based on the idea that “everyone should be free to express themselves,” and as a way to support the destigmatization of talking about mental health. “Don’t keep things bottled up” is a visual pun or play on words based of course on the iconic image of the Absolut bottle, and the saying that encourages to share our thoughts and feelings with others. A speech bubble can be considered a universal symbol for dialogue, and in this case, the overflow of speech bubbles is at once reminiscent of the liquid pouring out of the bottle and of a sudden emotional release. I’m grateful to be chosen as one of the finalists for this cool contest, and I hope I can start practicing what I preach! “ said Sarah Saroufim.

Sarah Saroufim is a recent graduate from the graphic design program of the American University of Beirut. She’s currently working on her black & white illustrations, comics and animations. She’s also passionate about photography, cuisine and most of all: rock n’ roll!

Carefully selected by a jury panel consisting of award-winning design artist Yara Khoury Nammour and visual designer Gabriel Ferneiné, the winning artist for Lebanon has poured her heart and soul into creating a design showcasing her vision of a better tomorrow. By expression her own inner passions, she has used her artwork to carry a message of a more open, equal and inclusive world.

Next stop, Stockholm, for the global winner announcement. Stay Tuned !

Image Gallery here 👉 https://tinyurl.com/yyrnlhjt


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