How MAD Are You About Customizing Your Belongings?

27 Feb 2019

MAD Musicians & Designer

“Every painting I make teaches me something. Every face I paint proves to me how unique each one of us is. I have adapted techniques all by myself, and I still am.”

Samir Mitri, an aspiring doctor and current painter, tells us more about himself in the below one-on-one we had with him. If you’re MAD about customizing your personal belongings, read on to get to know him!

How did you start drawing on personal items and what was the first thing you drew on?
I’ve always loved drawing and painting, but the idea of painting on items other than canvas or paper never crossed my mind. I remember one time my mother was tidying up her closet and wanted to throw away a white jacket she had. I insisted that she didn’t and asked her to keep it for i wanted to try something new. This was my first time painting on a personal item. She loved the outcome as did I and everyone everyone around me;  and that’s how it started.

Who are your art inspirations?
I’m very inspired by Bill Ward, an american cartoonist. I think his work is amazing and I love what he does! I can get easily inspired by any other form of art like music, a movie, a music video, etc.

Tell us more about painting: is it a hobby or would you like to pursue a career in it?
To me, painting has always been a hobby and more like a relief… I’ve turned to art in all of its forms to make my visions come to life. I never considered painting as my career or job. However, having the eye of an artist will come in handy in what I’m willing to pursue: plastic surgery.

What are your future plans and where do you see yourself and your brand in the near future?
Everything I know, I taught myself. I aspire to grow and keep on painting, drawing and sharing my vision with the world. I really hope to see expansion and that with MAD I’ll be able to expose my art to a larger audience. I’ll never stop painting, since it has become a habit.


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