MAD supports 200 Lebanese designers, artists and creative brands in boosting exports to France through #howmadisBeirut initiative and USAID’s Trade and Investment Facilitation (TIF) project assistance

We’re extremely happy to announce another milestone of our #howmadisBeirut initiative, aiming to assist and promote the struggling Lebanese creative community. If you’re a Lebanese creative, artist, designer or company looking to expand in France, submit your application on MAD starting today to be part of the 200 beneficiaries of #HowMADisBeirut here 

Life Is A Play! Discover More About Theatre With The MAD Joseph Zaitouny

It’s always a source of inspiration hearing about artists pursuing their goals, passions and dreams; this is what makes Joseph Zaitouny a source of inspiration! How do you define yourself? I am an actor. I care about finding connections with others and exploring the human condition through art. How did you get into acting? Has […]

Are You Up-To-Date With Lebanon’s MAD Underground Band Scene?

Are You As MAD As I Am? Do you turn on the radio in the morning on your way to work or class and after some time, find yourself turning it off? Better yet, do you sometimes automatically look for your AUX cord to save yourself (and your ears) from listening to repetitive music? I […]

Art In The Digital Age: Booming or Crashing?

How Did It All Start? Who would have thought that the canvas is one of the oldest mediums of art known to man? The oldest preserved form of expression belongs to cave people, who used to doodle their visions of flesh-eating-lions, their personal belief in God(s) and their concept of family on rocks and in […]

How MAD is 1% Architecture?

“1% is an architecture firm, named 1% as a glance to a culture of anti-conformism. The workshop aims to be different and off the mark from the remaining 99%.” Why 1% Architecture? “Why 1%? Because we refuse the culture of standardization, the relentless quest of the #instagrammable, in a digitized and impersonal world. Because we […]

In a MAD mood for The Beirut Design Week

Beirut, the design capital of the Middle East welcomes for the seventh consecutive edition the Beirut Design Week. Initiated in 2012, it’s the largest and most influential design festival of the Middle East and North Africa. Taking place in various parts of the capital, it attracts over 25 000 visitors each year and make Beirut […]


Vous les connaissez, ils sont déjà apparus dans le Live with MAD n°1 et à notre troisième MAD session du Palais des Congrès de novembre 2017 #LESFRERESMAB Étudiants à Science Po, Gabriel et Hadrien allient depuis 2015 des influences jazz, rock, électro et hip hop pour parvenir à un nouveau genre de rap-rock français totalement […]

Andréa Durand : la nouvelle diva de la Mixed World Music

Peux-tu présenter à notre communauté de MADers d’où tu viens, ton parcours et comment tu es devenue la chanteuse Andréa Durand qui a performé durant le Live with MAD n°6 ? Je suis née à Troyes. Toute ma jeunesse, je suis allée voir mon père jouer avec son groupe de jazz New Orleans (il était […]

SHABY : une étoile montante précoce de la Soul !

Peux-tu présenter à notre communauté de MADers d’où tu viens, ton parcours et ce qui t’a amenée à devenir la chanteuse soul SHABY que nous connaissons tous un peu mieux aujourd’hui ? Je suis née dans une banlieue parisienne au milieu de musiciens et de chanteurs. Mon père est maître de chœur et mes sœurs […]