Roula Salibi or Lebanon’s spirit embodied in a minimalist jewellery brand

11 Dec 2017

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Could you describe to our MAD community how did you get to create your own brand ROULA DFOUNI and how did you go about designing jewelry?

After a decade spent in the business world, I decided the time had come to embrace the true calling of my heart: the calling of art. I dedicated the next years of my life to learning all I could about the future which awaited me, taking a series of intensive courses at ESMOD Beirut, attending many workshops and imbuing herself in every aspect of the world of art. When I launched my first pieces of Collage Brass 8 years ago, which I crafted myself, I never knew that after a year, I would be working with high-end material and sketching a complete collection under a brand! And since, I can’t stop the ideas and the creativity as I want to make Jewelry accessible to a large crowd of women, irrespective of geographic and wealth, with a competitive pricing and modern identity.


Could you tell us what is your inspiration?

Working almost 10 years as an event and wedding organizer, in parallel of my business job, changed my perspective for art and design. Therefore, l found myself attracted to geometric shapes, architecture designs, and edgy rough style. I knew that this would be my brand’s identity, my identity.


What could be the common denominator of the collections DRIFT, CONSTRUCT/DECONSTRUCT and NEW EARTH according to you?

I was born in a Mediterranean culture. Lebanon is the country of sun, nature and genuine people. Despite all the wars we had to endure, we always came back to life and this gave the Lebanese people the strength, knowledge and creativity!
Between | New Earth | collection inspired by my childhood nature escapes,
| Construct-Deconstruct | inspired by the life itself in Beirut,
| Drift | inspired by the Mediterranean Architecture patterns that surrounds me,
and my new collection | Soar | under my new brand name | MINIMALIST | inspired by my personal journey throughout the years I’ve lived in Beirut, I believe they all connect to the ground I am proud to be raised on.


Could you tell us more about your next project?

After my experience in Europe, participating in international fairs, meeting with buyers, being exposed to a new world of design, I realized I needed to shift my branding image; I should be able to reach a bigger crowd with minimal designs and competitive pricing. Where came my new branding name | MINIMALIST | I can’t wait to share with you my new collection | Soar |. It represents the women power to blossom and rise.
It was a huge challenge for me sketching this collection and trying to minimal the designs, colors and adornments but I know for sure that it will reach a bigger crowd.


What is it in MAD that you relate to? Or why join the MAD community?

In my opinion, all designers in any category, whether in Music, Art or Design has a little Madness he digs into; at least I know I have or else I wouldn’t be able to extract my visions; dreams and thoughts into my designs and for me it would be very rewarding sharing these thoughts and ideas with the whole world…

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