Tony G

A Forever Growing Passion for Music

I'm a musician based in Lebanon. I offer on-demand services such as: composing, arranging, transcribing, copying. I also sell my own music (sheet music). I mainly deal with classical music but can also work with pop, rock and other genres.

Tony G


Private lessons on how to use MuseScore

USD 20

MuseScore is a free open-source music-notation software, and this class (1 hour sessions) will give ...

By Tony G

Transcribing/Copying/Arranging pieces of music of your choice (Public Domain only)


Using MuseScore, I will provide you with a professional score/sheet music of pieces on a request-bas ...

By Tony G

Music Theory/Songwriting Lessons

USD 20

1 on 1 online sessions (1 hour long) where I will teach you basic music theory and/or songwriting ti ...

By Tony G


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