Michele Braidy

Passionately creating eco-aware and artisanal products

Michele Braidy is a multi disciplinary designer and an architect based in Beirut, Lebanon She graduated in 2008 from the Architectural Design department at AUB, and pursued her studies with an Interactive Design Master at IAAC Barcelona in 2014, after several years of working in the field of architecture and interior design. Her work reflects daily life rituals and the importance of reconnection with natural rhythms. The pieces she creates range from installations to furniture and products. Multiple reading layers born from a collaboration with artists and artisans give her products their strong identity and intimately weave stories to be sensed.

Michele Braidy


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Haiku Bracelets

By Michele Braidy

Wearing a poem, as if wearing a perfume. For every season its poems, textures, colours, words and illustration. These handmade artisanal leather bracelets with leather inlays and embroidery add an etheric touch to any outfit and reconnect you to the natural rhythms of time. They are created in close collaboration with Lebanese artisans.

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