Lidea Hajjar

Interior Architect passionate for Art, 3letters word with broad array.

I am Lydia Mechleb Hajjar, a Mother of four young men, from the Land of Cedars, a tiny spot on the world map, Lebanon. Faith and experiences shaped my multidimensional personality, translated in my ambitions, generosity, thoughtfulness, and passion. Full- time learner, motivated by my passion for everything around me, because i believe we are part of the universe and we have plenty of resources. I earned my degree in Interior Architecture with honors from the Lebanese American University along with my two elder boys, and another degree in psychology from Lebanese University. I speak 5 languages and the sixth being a universal one, Art, became my greatest language. I design my projects, play guitar, dance and paint with my body, mind, and soul. In My Ted talk about Architecture and Tango, I state that everything is correlated, and every work should be done passionately. For years, my little free time occupation was painting, using different techniques and mediums. But lately i fell for the acrylic abstracts, where i find my hand wandering over the canvas, evoking lots of my emotions, and emanating unlimited expressions, especially in a style of my own ‘Limitless Limit’, and ‘Fifty Shades of…’. My goal is having lovers for my paintings more than clients. Self-taught painter, based on the discipline of architecture, the limitations and constraints are my opportunities to design and paint. For me the Sky is the Limit. Through my passion for Life, i enjoy nature, reading, music, dance, yoga, walking my pets, and the most importantly spending time with my beloved ones and eating chocolate.

Lidea Hajjar


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