Character Illustrator and Digital Painter

Hello! Name's Jouni and I am a character designer and digital painter. Using photoshop as well as a Huion drawing Tablet, I passionately am working on creating new character concepts and designs in hopes of working in preproduction in the video game and movie industry. Commissions are open and I'm ready to collab. Cheers, and stay mad!


The Deceiver

USD 2000

Digital illustration of a man with multiple arms resembling deception (printable)

By djunn

The Nike Airbender

USD 2000

This piece resembles a pun, a lame one at that. (printable)

By djunn


USD 500

Digital painting of a woman rising. (printable)

By djunn


Mountain and Wind Gather Gaze

By djunn

I did this artwork as a tribute to one of my favorite bands, Sleep, using lyrics from the song

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