The aim of this documentary series is to promote oneness, tolerance and acceptance by visiting people, in their personal environment, talking to them heart to heart, listening to their cherished stories, the memories that marked them the most, feeling their deepest emotions, sharing their lives

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“Zyara” presents an innovative and deeply personal approach to storytelling. These exceptionally moving web documentaries unlock the testimonies of individuals who have experienced and overcome a wide range of social challenges through courage, perseverance and resilience. They have a unique role to play in promoting social cohesion, underlining the qualities which people have in common rather than those which set them apart.

Created and produced by a team of Lebanese filmmakers, “Zyara” has won nearly 36 accolades from festivals worldwide and enjoys a fast-growing following online. There is significant potential for exporting this model across the Middle East and for developing a centralised hub which can act as a conduit for shared experiences and constructive debate. Public discussion at local screenings is also a key element of the “Zyara” concept and one which gives both civil society and community leaders a chance to explore ways of supporting the victims of social injustice.

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ralph-nabhan - 08/02/2022

Thank you very much!

kamal.shbeir@gmail.com - 03/12/2021

Great stuff!

- 11/01/2021

How can I watch the sessions online .

maroonasmar@gmail.com - 11/01/2021

How can I watch the sessions online .