Negoro-nuri Kendama

Art, Design, Product Line

Start Date: 09/05/2019 - End Date: 09/05/2021
A traditional Japanese toy that explores another dimension of play, the more the player uses it. Notorious for being challenging, the purpose is to impale the ball of the toy on the peg, or catch it in one of the 3 cups at the ends of the handle, but that's easier said than done. Every mistake and every slip contributes to the beauty of the object which doubles as a coffee table centerpiece, inviting more people to play.

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ralph-nabhan - 08/02/2022

Thank you very much!

kamal.shbeir@gmail.com - 03/12/2021

Great stuff!

- 11/01/2021

How can I watch the sessions online .

maroonasmar@gmail.com - 11/01/2021

How can I watch the sessions online .