How to recognize a MAD Talent?

18 Aug 2017

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Talented people are everywhere, but it is usually hard to recognize those who are completely MAD.
Some of our MADers already asked us about MAD selection criteria.
So, how to recognize a MAD Talent?

For us, two points are extremely important: Originality and an international reach.
MAD loves artists who go beyond the beaten paths, experience art differently and who propose a solid project.
In one word, they must behave professionally.
A MAD Talent is also an artist who can export and share his/her performances and designs worldwide.
Our talents’ communities aren’t only in one country, since art has no borders.
If an artist meets these two criteria, it’s also widely known that he/she should be assiduous in his work and connected to their followers and community.

If you think you fill in these criteria become a MAD Talent by subscribing on: howmadareyou.com or take part on our MAD Talent Hunt which is organized each year.
So, How MAD Are You?



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