Get To Know The MAD Gang: Florian

11 Mar 2019

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Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been passionate about music and theater.
With a passion for organization and creating new projects, I’ve worked on organizing many parties and events.
My goal is to succeed in democratizing many types of art because in the end, as André Malraux said, art is the shortest path from human to human.

If I were a song, I would be
Kuku by Hilight Tribe or You Make me Feel by Sylvester

If I were an artist, I would be
Serge Gainsbourg or Pierre Desproges.

If I were a book, I would be
Les Dieux voyagent toujours incognito by Laurent Gounelle

If I were a dish, I would be
A Raclette, even on the sunniest day

If I were a dessert, I would be
A Paris-Brest.

If I were a spice, I would be
A red hot chilli pepper.

If I were a sport, I would be

If I were a period in history, I would be

If I were a movie, I would be
La Grande Bellazza by Paolo Sorrentino or The Green Mile by Frank Darabont or Trainspotting by Danny Boyle.

If I were a series, I would be
Bates Motel, the adaptation of Psycho By Alfred Hitchcock

If I were a verb, I would be

If I were an adjective, I would be

If I were one of the five senses, I would be
All of them

If I were a flower or a plant, I would be
Olive Tree

If I were one of the five elements, I would be  

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