Our amazing CPO, Pascale Monsef !

Today we’re putting the spotlight on Pascale! She’s our amazing CPO, and the one behind all the cool designs of MAD! Pascale also worked a lot in the humanitarian field. Thanks to her background in arts and her specialization in Communication and Branding, she bridges the gap between art and managerial departments, just like MAD […]

Save the date ! MAD Talent Hunt

Because we love you, our MADers, so much, we’ve designed MAD Talent Hunt, a competition tailored for you, emerging talents. Whether you’re an artist or an underground diamond in the rough, it’s MADly simple, all you have to do is get ready to apply starting February 28th! So Save the Date ! 🙂 Yours MADly, […]

Tune up and gear up with Roadie Tuner!

With Roadie Tuner you can fine tune your guitar and other string instruments equipped with guitar machine heads (Electric, acoustic, classical, ukulele, banjo, steel guitar, 7 & 12-string guitars). It is both quick and easy to use, and three times more accurate than the human ear. Simply connect Roadie to the tuning peg, strum the […]