Louise Elizeon défile à la MAD Session !

Louise Elizeon est une marque de prêt à porter féminin née d’une amitié entre des étudiantes venant d’horizons différents. Toutes liées par la passion de la mode et la création, Marion Brunet, Jane Gay et Lindat Belbyet ont rassemblé leurs connaissances et leur talent pour créer Louise Elizeon. Marion Brunet est la créatrice, styliste et […]

Music, Product Design & Innovation with Band Industries’ MAD creations!

Born out of a passion for music and technology, Band Industries is a music technology startup building the next generation musicians’ toolkit. Roadie Tuner — the company’s first product which ships worldwide — is an automatic guitar tuner that is both quick and easy to use, and three times more accurate than the human ear. […]

MAD by Boo.

Remember our crazy artist Boo? Well he made an illustration just for us! What do you think, MADly talented right? Stay tuned, because there’s a lot more to come with Boo, after all “It ain’t funny until the protagonist dies”…

MAD interview of Lise YACOUB on Blive with 3 MAD artists

Just before our MAD session in Beirut on December 8th, here’s a throwback on Lise Yacoub’s interview on LBCI’s TV show Blive, talking about MAD and why it’s so innovative and disruptive. Along with 3 MAD talents, Matteo, Boo and Boshies, they elaborate on how MAD provides them additional visibility and funding oppotunities for their […]

Truly MAD Fashion Design with Boshies!

In spring 2016, Boshies launched its first product: the Boshie hat, which name derives from the word “tarbooshi” meaning “my tarboosh” in arabic. The Boshie is a fashion accessory aiming at reviving the identity of the traditional tarboosh (fez in English), through a new cut, 60 years after its extinction from the Oriental world. Since […]