Truly MAD Fashion Design with Boshies!

05 Jan 2017

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In spring 2016, Boshies launched its first product: the Boshie hat, which name derives from the word “tarbooshi” meaning “my tarboosh” in arabic.

The Boshie is a fashion accessory aiming at reviving the identity of the traditional tarboosh (fez in English), through a new cut, 60 years after its extinction from the Oriental world.

Since the XIXth century, most traditional hats evolved into modern designs, like the Top hat into the Bowler hat, the Newsboy hat into the baseball Cap, the Borsalino into the Fedora hat etc… It’s time for the Tarboosh to have its own makeover!

Modern and contemporary, the hat’s new shape is trendy, casual and “unisex” – whereas previously, only worn by men.

The Boshie’s distinctive element consists of two stripes, one on each side of the crown, bringing back the spirit of the swinging tassel.

Check out Boshies’ MAD story and creations !

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