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Be For Beirut

When Beirut witnessed the devastating explosion, large number of people lost their homes as a consequence.
They didn’t just lose their shelter; they lost their safe place where all their memories lie in its corners.
Attachment kills.
This exactly what happened to our souls when we saw our memories fade into ashes.
Humans get attached to their houses, to certain smells, to specific furniture they had chosen.

In order to save people’s memories or at least part of it, I have initiated a fashion project based on collecting damaged fabric from different demolished areas in Beirut and recycling it.
The fabrics were treated before being sewn and stylized.


An Ice speaking door of 4 meters is facing you.
It holds the key to your enigmas, melts in water and words.
ORAKL is a spokesperson and answers to your questions.
Inspiration time: from sunset to sunrise.


Une porte de glace de quatre mètres de haut te fait face.
C’est là qu’elle fond en eau et en paroles.
ORAKL est Porte-Parole et répond à tes questions.
Temps d’inspiration : de la fin du jour au petit matin.