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I was born and raised up in Jordan. I had a bachelor degree in Chemistry and a Master degree in business administration. My passion for art and drawing started at an early age where I was drawn into the world of shades and colors. My story began when I took the initiative for the first time on school benches to draw a picture of Christ with a pencil, realizing I could express my emotions and thoughts, not with words, but with lines and shades. My passion and longing to start my own art business remained even during my busy career, moving to Lebanon and having a beautiful small family . I joined the Institute of Painting in Lebanon, where my first timid steps were drawings with wooden pens and then watercolor. I kept working on my skills until I mastered the principles of art and entered a world full of colors and techniques such as painting on clothes and hats and canvas with oils and acrylic. My works throughout my artistic career have been imprinted with childhood memories, my family and the chaotic world around us. Besides, I have retained a direct relationship with nature and its landscape, the different seasons, and faces that vary between joy and sorrow, which are reflected through my work. Since the beginning of 2018, I have promoted my work in Jordan, my mother country and Lebanon, my second country, determined to complete my journey towards realizing my dream. Find below my Instgram: maggi_lovee


Horse – gold -beautiful soft mixture colors

USD 700

Acrylic painting using pouring techniques and brush

By Maggi


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