Today We Stand is a musical collaboration dedicated to the Lebanese October 2019 revolution, during which, for the first time in this scale, the people of Lebanon had the courage to unite and call out the corrupt regime. This song is dear to my heart not only because it was the first thing I ever recorded, but it also is a bittersweet reminder of the start of our revolution. After a whirlwind of challenging circumstances and tragic events, Today We Stand hopes to memorialize the peace, unity and freedom felt by citizens of Lebanon - and abroad - during this uprising. To remind us that there is strength in numbers, and empower us to keep calling, hand in hand, for a better life. Two years later, with Lebanon at the most rock-bottom it has been in my lifetime (and maybe hers), this is how I interpret the song. Stream/watch the original track on: https://ampl.ink/todaywestand


Yal Solan

Yal is an independent multi-disciplinary Lebanese artist – a singer, songwriter, animator, gra ...