I was approached by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung to turn their informative script into an engaging animation. I was responsible for the voice over, creative direction, storyboard, design, animation and music selection. Since the topic tackles green economy from a feminist perspective, I chose a palette that involves natural colors along with pastels, along with collage as a visual direction, which allowed me to portray diversity and inclusion of the social groups mentioned. I'm happy to say that this has by far been one of the most interesting and challenging projects. English Captions available. It is worth mentioning that this video was screened during COP26 - UN Climate Change Conference in a forum discussing the links between climate change and women's oppression. It's such moments that make endless hours of work even more worthwhile!


Yal Solan

Yal is an independent multi-disciplinary Lebanese artist – a singer, songwriter, animator, gra ...