I had the pleasure to shed light on Female Genital Mutilation in a symbolic yet very unapologetic animation for Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality. I went with mannequins as a character design direction to show the coldness and inhumanity of it. Interior floral decoration with morbid elements in an isolated perspective space to show how this practice goes on through families, behind closed doors, supported by outdated and fatal conceptions of womanhood. How such a cruel and toxic tradition is celebrated as a fond memory. I employed a color palette of pink and blue, the stereotypical colors of gender, and used them interchangeably to break the binary. And where I usually think of transitions in my animations, I went with direct sharp cuts between each scene (you can tell where that was inspired from). Mixed media was the ideal creative direction that allowed me to be metaphorical and poetic, yet educational and direct at the same time. Knowing that it is an illegal violence that continues to be practiced as a tradition, it is more important than ever to spark the conversation and engage the community to rethink its actions.


Yal Solan

Yal is an independent multi-disciplinary Lebanese artist – a singer, songwriter, animator, gra ...