The Modern Knight

Design, Product Line


Start Date: 3-5-2021
He comes out of the shadows. Determined and strong, he walks out, makes a bold statement that turns heads. Who is he? He is a unique individual, a confident one. He is ambitious and stylish. He is the modern knight who knows exactly what he wants as he throws over a distinct Jean 327 piece...

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Jean 327



USD 170

Knight Hoodie. Level up the game, Jean 327 introduces its Knight hoodie. It’s all in the details. Made of pure cotton blend, the long sleeve deconstructed hoodie boasts a diagonal front zipper, an exclusive neckline with hoodie. You can’t stop staring at this piece. Every time you look, you will discover a new detail to admire.


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ralph-nabhan - 08/02/2022

Thank you very much!

kamal.shbeir@gmail.com - 03/12/2021

Great stuff!

- 11/01/2021

How can I watch the sessions online .

maroonasmar@gmail.com - 11/01/2021

How can I watch the sessions online .