Haiku Bracelets- wearable poems- spring set

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Wearable poems like a suspension in time... Wearable spring joy Spring: "Eclat des couleurs engorge de sa lumière, la ronde des fleurs"

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Wearing a poem, as if wearing a perfume.
For every season its poems, textures, colours, words and illustration.
Haikus are short atmospheric poems that refer to seasons and the passage of time.

These handmade artisanal leather bracelets with embroidery add an etheric touch to any outfit and reconnect you to the natural rhythms of time.
Words create moods, you can wear the haiku bracelets that match your own mood, and wear summer in winter, or spring in autumn. They are a way to create your own season, anytime.

The Haiku bracelets are come in sets of 4.
Every set illustrates a suspended moment particular to a season.
Just like haikus, the poem consists in 3 verses, each written on a bracelet.
Nevertheless, a single bracelet can be sold independently of its set, each verse making sense by its own.
the 4th bracelet that comes wider is an illustration of the poem.

These leather bracelets have been hand-worked, cut and embossed in a leather atelier in Beirut, by the finest artisans.
The embroidery has also been produced in Beirut.

Out of respect for our environment, and to reduce unnecessary waste, those wearable poems are meant to be pre-ordered.


Real Leather, cotton threads


Length: 23 cm -


Michele Braidy

Passionately creating eco-aware and artisanal products

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