Have you heard about Ouzville ?

20 Jun 2017

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Widely known as Ouzai, Ouzville is much more than a state of Beirut’s southern slum. During the past year, Ouzai has experienced a historical change. Abandoned by the vast majority of the population, Ouzai quickly fell into oblivion. However, one man never forgot where he grew up and made himself the promise to give back what life had offered him.

This MAD man is Ayad Nasser, a real estate broker and Co-founder of Loft Investments who has brilliantly succeeded in his professional life. He deciced a few years ago that it was high time to start working on bringing Ouzai back to what it was before civil war, a beautiful small village on the shores of the Mediterranean sea.

Among poorly and hazardous constructed houses and overpopulation, Ouzville is an initiative to beautify Ouzai and to give a fresh environment to families who live there by cleaning the streets, coloring the murals of the old buildings and painting on. This initiative will make of Ouzville a widely known street art destination.

Artists, locals, students and foreigners work together to break stereotypes, unite Lebanese and take away the fear. The objective behind Ouzville is to take care of Lebanon, to give hope and joy to its population and to spread love. Grownups or children, all generations are involved. The participation of each child is rewarded by a basket of fruit and the colors of each house are chosen by the inhabitants themselves because after all Ouzai is their life and home.

From now on, Ouzai, the first city area travelers see when their plane lands in Lebanon will welcome all world travelers with its colored facades and its artistic vibrations.

If Ouzville is a success, the initiative will be repeated elsewhere in Lebanon. However, it requires the time, efforts as well as locals and artists support, in addition to paint and materials.

So, if you, MADers, want to take part in Ouzai’s history & legacy, support our Ouzville Crowdfunding Campaign to be launched very soon. Stay tuned!


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