Vous les connaissez, ils sont déjà apparus dans le Live with MAD n°1 et à notre troisième MAD session du Palais des Congrès de novembre 2017 #LESFRERESMAB Étudiants à Science Po, Gabriel et Hadrien allient depuis 2015 des influences jazz, rock, électro et hip hop pour parvenir à un nouveau genre de rap-rock français totalement […]

Lise Yacoub, our MAD CEO !

Today we want to introduce you to one of MAD’s crazy founders: Lise Yacoub our MAD CEO ! Lise comes from a family of Lebanese entrepreneurs, she started her first business in 2008, Createmotions, then MAD in 2016. When she is not working for MAD, Lise likes to chill in front of a good musical […]

Boo, How MAD are you?

Bernard Hage, the man behind Boo tells us about himself, his collaboration with MAD and his upcoming projects. Boo, How MAD are you? Stay tuned as we reveal more info on his project: In The Dead Of Night – Illustrated book of bedtime stories for growns ups ! A book of poems, illustrations and a […]